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Earth, Dirt and Dust Zolen Calo

Earth, Dirt and Dust

Zolen Calo

Published June 1st 2005
ISBN : 9781420847123
528 pages
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 About the Book 

About This Anthology Certainly there are more than seven dimensions to the human as Zolen Cal finds fit to define him or her in this extensive selection of poems. If so, we do not wonder of them as we read with awe and surprise the reach of this poets perception: raw, real, poignant, tender. If any one modern poet has written with the breadth by which Cal addresses the human condition, then the term modern must be racked with the 20th century greats of Pound, Eliot . . . or perhaps, dare we allude, too, to the phantom nymph of whom Cal teases in the introduction of this anthology: Emily Dickinson - whose life of imagination and calm protest bridged the transcendental with the modern in universal poetry and thought. This, Earth, Dirt And Dust - a major anthology of the reclusive poets works - commands the attention of both the common working soul and the pretentiously bored intellect, to whom Cal extends a simultaneous reach.