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Craving Her (Keeping Her Series Book 4) Kelly Lucille

Craving Her (Keeping Her Series Book 4)

Kelly Lucille

Published April 11th 2015
Kindle Edition
152 pages
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 About the Book 

Cleo is a lioness that knows how to take care of herself. Growing up in the military trained motley crew of the Lionsgate pack has seen to that.Shawn is a hawk shifter x-Navy SEAL who has done his best over the years to ignore his craving for his Alphas much younger daughter.Only now she is all grown up and knows exactly what she wants from Shawn, and its not another overprotective pack mate.Can this honorable warrior ever see her as anything but her fathers daughter?When a blast from her fathers past puts Cleo in the cross-hairs, they may not get the chance to find out.This is fourth in the Keeping Her Series. It is a stand alone, but is better enjoyed if read with the rest of the series.This book most definitely has strong adult content. Strong language, violence of the bad-ass variety, and explicit sex are just a few of the things you can enjoy in this series.