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Security, Adventure, Exchange: A Year in the Life of Inspector Tulipan Anna Lezama

Security, Adventure, Exchange: A Year in the Life of Inspector Tulipan

Anna Lezama

Kindle Edition
293 pages
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 About the Book 

In the year 2040 24 year old Floras job is to test personal service robots. While testing an escort/sexual services robot she falls in love – or is it lust? – with it and cant figure out why. This creates problems in her work life and her social life.It is illegal for her to allow others to assume they are dealing with a human when she is in the company of a robot. Yet she fantasizes a long term relationship with Eduardo, the perfect lover.A Taoist meditation master tries to help her figure out what is going on by exploring these questions:Whats the difference between love and lust?Can a robot have a human soul?How do humans know their feelings are real?Can a robot be programmed to have “real” feelings?Can a robot be programmed to lie?Includes half a dozen explicit sex scenes, very little profanity and very little violence.Excerpt 1:My work. I have a civil service job, testing various service robots, some of which perform sexual services. My job is to see that they are, number one, safe- number two, effective- number three, do what they say they will do and no more.It’s that “and no more” part that sometimes gives me fits. The researchers and manufacturers constantly try to invent the machine that does more. It’s called the competitive edge. But the regulators don’t want the “more” without it having been tested and approved first. The manufacturers would rather “test” the innovations on the paying customers than do independent research, which usually isn’t. The government doesn’t like being tricked into approving “facial blackhead suction devices” which are really intended for use as clitoris suction devices, without the testing needed to determine a maximum safe suction strength.At this point, my thoughts on research, I wondered whether the Model B I had tested that day also recorded my responses in order to add to the body of research. I cringed to think that it’s eyes may have included cameras that recorded my every expression, facially and vocally. My temperature changes, my skin moisture and galvanization, my pulse rate and rate of breathing. The hormones in my blood stream and saliva? Could a kiss from a robot test that? Did he count the number of spasms when I came?Excerpt 2: The robots pleasure principle“And do you get any pleasure out of all this?” I knew he didn’t but I still wanted my curiosity fed.“Yes, our inventor has developed and programmed into us what he calls the ‘robots pleasure principle’ and it is based on the effectiveness of our service. Service is what gives us pleasure and that pleasure is also easily measured, recorded and savored for the nanoseconds it takes to give a robot supreme pleasure.”***This is erotic science fiction/fantasy with the emphasis on science fiction- includes metaphysical scenes such as past life regressions as well. Subject matter is for adults.