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Forever More Robert Thorpe

Forever More

Robert Thorpe

Published January 4th 2008
ISBN : 9780595915828
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 About the Book 

In this selection of Robert Thorpes poetry, he uses thought-provoking and heartwarming imagery to mirror his profound connections to his faith in God, his Texas home, his country, and the relationships hes experienced throughout his life. From This Valued and Rare Treat, a romantic ode to the poets first true love to Slow Is its Ride, a jaunty tribute to a respected member of the police force, each poem in Forever More, Soul & Spiritual is a touching composition woven from the threads of one mans common, yet meaningful life. Whether boisterously proclaiming the assets of an old-fashioned Texan barbecue, or painting a sober portrayal of the death of a beloved soul mate, each verse offers up a beautiful scene that will strike an emotional chord with any reader. With compelling imagery and unforgettable emotion, Forever More, Soul & Spiritual takes the reader on a deep journey into the heart of one ordinary man from a small town in Texas.Preserve and seek your dreams, as I have with my writings, for if they are noble and of God, they will be fulfilled, Thorpe writes. Sometimes somber, never dreary, Thorpe has painted a poetic landscape that portrays a life rich in spirituality, hopefulness, and love.