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Assassins Seed Olive Scratch

Assassins Seed

Olive Scratch

Published May 31st 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jessa attends a billionaire called Nolans party which turns out to be pretty damn boring affair That is, until Nolan introduces her to a private floor of his mansion filled with what he and his company are all about: video games, geeky toys, and the holy grail that is the ultimate virtual reality game.He shows Jessa the Deux Nirvana, a virtual reality simulator that he promises will give her the ultimate rich and 100% immersive video game experience inside a virtual world where anything can happen. Jessa is immediately thrust into am alternate reality of busty women, pouring ale, dangerous men, and a mysterious assassin.She was *supposed* to find Nolan in-game, but instead, she finds comfort and a building desire for the assassin who saves her life... is a virtual sex romp out of the question? Reality lines are blurred and stakes are claimed as she makes her move.The real questions stands: Is it possible to have sex with a video game character made of pixels and impeccable graphics? Theres only one way to find out as Jessa makes her moves on the mysterious assassin...WARNING: Assassins Seed is a 11290 word story featuring passionate and rough sex, one-man bukkake and body facial scenes, anal, and EXPLICIT sex and descriptions. Intended for mature audiences 18+.