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Counterfeit Killer Zondervan Publishing

Counterfeit Killer

Zondervan Publishing

Published November 2nd 2013
ISBN : 9781492877554
284 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Nick Sullivan expects to be bored when his boss sends him on a routine surveillance operation but things arent what they seem. He soon discovers that the man he has been assigned to follow is a small player in a chain of ruthless criminals selling counterfeit drugs to the National Health Service. Nick vows to stop their evil trade but there are fortunes to be made and the men involved will do whatever it takes to protect their lucrative scam. But Nick is stubborn and even when they almost succeed in killing him, he doggedly stays on the case. His determination to bring the men to justice takes a knock when he finds himself saddled with a small group of helpers: three ex soldiers, all eager to do their bit but with an average age of nearly eighty. What they lack in physical ability they make up for in enthusiasm but Nick begins to wonder whether they will help him or hinder him when the need to move fast literally becomes a matter of life or death.