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The Phases of Revelation Juan Carrillo

The Phases of Revelation

Juan Carrillo

Published February 10th 2014
ISBN : 9781478725589
276 pages
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 About the Book 

The Phases of Revelation is exciting and captivating, containing a wealth of unique interpretive wisdom and insight concerning a very alive correlation to the Book of Revelations present day meaning. It is significant and objectively convincing, with even a timeline correlative to current global events. The authors words come across with a certain experience that cannot easily be put into words. The work is nicely paced and engaging. He believes the Book of Revelation is a pure and non-ego biased source of images and descriptions that are directly from God who selected Saint John to be the medium for this vision. The authors assessment results in seventeen exciting and riveting chapters filled with modern significance and a uniquely revolutionary perspective and approach. You will find it to be based upon the authors true story told in his first book, AS I PASSED HIM: A Prophecy Within Our Times. In this book, THE PHASES OF REVELATION, you will run into uniquely intricate details of interpretative skill and mysticism mixed with a twist of objective assessment, interesting depictions, explanations and parallels related to current realities like: Human population and the Hall of Souls, The 1000 years is not years but the entirety of events, The Huge Red Dragon, Babylon the Great, The iron rod as a Christian stand amidst a hostile world, Saint Malachis Prophecy of Peter the Roman and a living Cardinal, Sister Lucias prophecy, A Christian Church alone in this wilderness of predators, The tribulation as proclamation and death phases amounting to a process of judgment.