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The Paradigm Shift Richard Hollands

The Paradigm Shift

Richard Hollands

Published June 19th 2013
ISBN : 9781906658014
368 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Paradigm Shift The world watches, sickened by the thought of nuclear deterrents being used is the highly volatile exchanges between the Indian and Pakistan governments. The ensuing events lead to unparalleled chaos across the Middle east Gulf States as the supply of oil is not only threatened but finally extinguished. The US and UK governments collaborate to face the world threat head on...the President and his team use international detente and political pressure to resolve the crisis, as well as dispatching two of their best agents into the field. Luke Weaver, weary from an assignment within Yemen and the dynamic Kirin, the American field officer familiar with the terrain... Behind the scenes, one of the worlds most powerful nations has secretly joined an unholy alliance with India to change the axis of world power: no longer does this axis wish to be dictated to by the US government... As the oil supplies run lower and lower, the world learns that this is only the beginning of their master plan. Fronted by the maniacal of India, the axis plans to change the model of the world forever...the paradigm shift. Battling against time and treachery in the highest corridors of White House power...the options are running out.