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Die Insel John Connolly

Die Insel

John Connolly

ISBN : 9783548269405
480 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Exceptional as one might come to expect from Connolly, this is actually a semi stand alone book, although still set in Maine, it does tie into the Charlie Parker series and features a couple of cameo appearances by Parker himself. This thriller had plenty of action and a fair share of supernatural elements in addition to great writing, as always. I think what sets Connollys books apart and well above the rest is his ability to write characters, the subtle terrifying evil of the titular ones and the sheer goodness of the good men and women, the quiet grace with which they carry themselves through life. Connolly writes about the subtleties of human kindness and decency that could melt a seasoned misanthropes heart and make one wish and hope for the world where good can in fact triumph over evil, although at high cost, where ghosts could be given purpose or put to rest and a semblance of justice can and should be expected. Highly recommended.