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Fleamarkets Joel D. Levinson


Joel D. Levinson

Published 1986
ISBN : 9783921524336
98 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

During the Seventies and eighties, Levinson traveled throughout the State of California photographing its vast and varied Fleamarkets. Instead of finding them a homogenized hot tub culture, he saw them as a microcosm of American culture. During these years of obsessive work, Levinson was taken by the unique individuals from a spectrum of ethnic backgrounds, who shared in a festive atmosphere embodying mutual cooperation, appreciation and respect along with the haggling and commerce conducted.Levinson’s fascination with and admiration for the people he met and photographed at the Fleamarkets led to a body of work where the relationships of the people to each other and the objects “for sale” symbolized the continual recycling of American consumer culture and were his firsthand experience of meltable ethnics with no discernible divisions. The FLEAMARKETS photographs, noted for their jarring formal beauty, have been the subject of thirteen one-man museum exhibitions and are represented in over forty Museums Collections throughout North America and Europe.Essay’s by Helmut Gernshiem, who is widely considered to be Photography’s eminent historian and Lou Stoumen,an unusually accomplished filmmaker, photographer,writer, a professor of screenwriting and film at UCLA who was nominated for five and received two Academy Awards for best feature length Documentaries he wrote, produced and directed, provide insight into Levinson’s Fleamarket work.