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The Praying Church Handbook P. Douglas Small

The Praying Church Handbook

P. Douglas Small

Published January 2013
ISBN : 9780982011584
573 pages
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 About the Book 

In the very first Church of God General Assembly, two prayer measures were set forth. First, that each family should have a family altar, and second, that each church should have a weekly prayer meeting. This denomination was born out of a prayer revival - the prayer pact of three men, beginning in 1884 until 1886, when they formed the Christian Union. Our early gatherings were marked by prayer. It was not unusual, in the middle of our prayer sessions, for business to halt - and for the entire council to go to prayer. Seamless prayer. Prayer that flavored and ran through every aspect of all they did. The Praying Church Handbook, produced as a companion to the Church Prayer Leaders Resource Guide is a collection of substantive reflections on prayer - foundations of prayer, prayer and the family as well as the church, intercessory prayer and prayer evangelism. It tackles the theology of prayer. Prayer and mission. Prayer and unreached peoples. Global and national leaders are contributors, as well as Church of God authors, leaders and intercessors. This has a wealth of information and will be, I hope, a great resource for years to come. The chapters are sprinkled with prayer quotes, and interjected with prayer vignettes. Each chapter is introduced with an historic note or prayer story. The book is contemporary, relevant, addressing cutting edge issues - contextualizing prayer, prophetic and priestly intercession, spiritual mapping, unreached peoples and prayer, a history of prayer including a special focus on the family and prayer, fathers and prayer. I am so grateful to the many contributors to this volume. And once you read it, and recognize the resource that it is - I think you will join me in gratitude. - P. Douglas Small