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The Boss (The Office Slave #2) Opal Carew

The Boss (The Office Slave #2)

Opal Carew

Published June 17th 2013
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 About the Book 

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Opal Carew.(Note that this and the first story are available at a significant discount in The Office Slave Series, Book 1 & 2 Boxed Set.)Her ultimate sexual fantasy brought to life... now it gets real.Sylvias friend had arranged for her to live out her sexual fantasy of being office slave to four hot hunky business partners, and at the end, their fifth partner had called to ask if she wanted to be dominated… for real.Sylvia couldn’t get his deep, domineering voice out of her head. It had only been a one minute phone conversation, but it had elicited the most compelling and intense sex dreams she’d ever known.Now she was about to give up total control to the man behind the voice. The Boss.Note: This is a short story of about 10,000 words, which is approximately equal to two chapters in a book, or 40 printed pages. Since ebooks are formatted differently, the page count may be lower on your ebook reader. Because of the many different devices, I cannot know the actual length on your device. I have included excerpts at the end, but these are not included in the page count mentioned above.Although this is the second of a series of short stories, the story can stand alone. (It is not a serial novel.)The Office Slave, the first story in this series, is actually volume 3 of the popular Red Hot Fantasies series.The Office Slave series currently consists of:The Office SlaveThe Boss (The Office Slave 2)On Her Knees (The Office Slave 3)_____Praise for Opals other books:5 Stars!No one writes stories about erotic fantasies better than Opal Carew...Kudos to Opal Carew for another well-written erotic romance. I look forward to where she takes us next.~ Jennifer Porter, Romance Novel News4.5 Stars!...there are a lot of twists to this roller coaster ride of a story... A scorcher of a read, I was unable to put this one down.~ Sensual Reads4.5 Kisses!another blazing hot romance not to be missed by erotic author Opal Carew. Once I started this book, I just couldn’t put it down... [her] erotic story-writing talent shines through... one wild ride of a book that just whets my appetite for more erotic romance by Opal Carew!~ Victoria, TwoLips Reviews4.5 Blue Ribbons!a blazing hot erotic romp... A fabulously fun and stupendously steamy read for a cold winters night. This ones so hot, you might need to wear oven mitts while youre reading it!~ Romance Junkies4 Cups!There is little chance of reading anything more sexually stimulating than a book by Opal Carew.~ Lototy, Coffee Time Romance & More