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A callers journey MH Deven

A callers journey

MH Deven

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jess is send away to a disciplinary Academy in Prymont, after her abusive father has had enough of her behavior. Shortly after her arrival she meets Landon, a mysterious and handsome student. Jess is instantly attracted to him, however he also frightens her.Her newfound friends warn her to stay away from him. After a lot of misery Jess decides to run away from the Academy, only to be captured and held prisoner in a cabin somewhere in a forest. Of course Landon is the main player in the kidnapping. What she is about to find out will turn her world upside down, and that is just the beginning. Jess is faced to fight of evil forces, in order to reclaim the Academy. Will Landon stand by her side, or is he the reason for all the darkness inside the Academy.