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Trois En Hiver Stanley Laine

Trois En Hiver

Stanley Laine

Published January 30th 2014
ISBN : 9781495393822
42 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Stanley Laines work always examines the struggles of the human condition with all of our failings and imperfections. His novels can best be described as character-driven. As he explains, I am hopelessly enchanted with all of my characters because I know them. They are a composite of people from my own life in one way or another, and every time I finish a story it is hard for me to let them go. That is where the joy of having someone read your work comes into play, because it is the reader that gives your characters new life. If they can relate it back to someone in their own world, they can bring their unique perspective to the story. Laine chooses to publish his work independently, I really like the autonomy it gives me to be true to my characters and since I am not tied down to any particular deadlines I have the flexibility to write when I feel most invested in the work and it assures my readers that the writing is purely my own. Laine has no timeframe in mind for his next release, For now, my hope is that my readers enjoy my stories and love getting to know the characters as much as I have.